It's a Jungle Out There Collage

What is BetterHope?

BetterHope is a start-up that curates products made with dignity from the USA and around the world. I create the product collages for the website, some of which you can scroll through above, as well as other various technical related tasks. This includes tasks such as improving SEO, monitoring Google Analytics, and helping make data driven decisions.

Design Challenges

"Ethical fashion" and "clothing made with dignity" as phrases are not a widely used by the American consumer base. By using these terms I'm refering to whether the producers of the clothing receive a living wage. As a designer and marketer, I work to connect producers and consumers through an experience on the BetterHope site. BetterHope is challenged to show that ethical clothing can be fashionable and affordable.


Persona example for BetterHope

HiFi prototype to add a checkout process to the eCommerce site

I'm in the process to transferring these prototypes to Figma from Illustrator. Here's a screenshot of the prototype below -

Link to High Fidelity Prototype


Product Collages

Part of my work at BetterHope includes creating product collages to highlight combination of products on the site to create stylish outfits that fit any occasion. Often "ethical fashion" can be seen as a "pity purchase" or have a "trinkety" feel, which is a steryeotype we try to fight through the collages.

Arc GIS: Connecting Producers to Consumers

As part of the effort to connect Producers and Consumers and provide transparency on the supply side process, I developed an Arc GIS map for BetterHope that highlights the brand overview, the location of the brand's factories, and links to their products on BetterHope.

Google Analytics

Picture of Kristen at Google

Another area I help out with is analyzing the organic and paid keywords in the Google Analytics account. This helped to ensure we were attracting quality traffic and gave me new ideas on the types of collages to produce for each audience. Marianna, the BetterHope founder, and I both worked in Google AdWords previously and have a lot of experience in this area.