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Kristen is a Senior Manager for the Empowered Culture and Alignment team at TD Ameritrade, a recent acquisition of Charles Schwab. Kristen leads a team focused on building an empowered culture and fostering an environment in which innovation and agility can thrive across the enterprise. She is driven to make a positive impact on the world and finds joy in solving complex problems and providing strategic solutions. The empowerment movement at TD Ameritrade provided that opportunity by being one of the top five CIO strategic imperatives and allowed Kristen to apply outside the box thinking to improve the workplace. Within two years, through a multi-faceted approach, the organization felt 12% more empowered and saw a 22% increase in Associates believing they could count on another team within an appropriate timeframe.

Kristen is a self-starting, self-motivating, and goal-oriented risk taker. From her start-up, research and development, and Chief of Staff experience, she sees technology as an instrument to increase value exponentially and enjoys taking the big picture view, then diving deeper to understand the human and systems impacts. In co-founding her financial literacy startup, Kristen saw the opportunity in dual value propositions – one for the retail banking customer, to bring context to their spending, and the other to small banks, to reach, teach, and retain new to wealth customers who often leave due to unmet technology expectations. In her research and development role, she researched emerging technologies and their impact on users, to imagine the future and bring that to life faster than ever before. As Chief of Staff, she focused on fostering an environment that authentically embraced agility and innovation. Kristen is highly motivated by identifying and scaling technological solutions in a way that improves lives. She has an action-bias, which allows her to quickly narrow in on solutions, even in ambiguous situations.

Kristen is always in search of new experiences, regardless of role, and is dedicated to acquiring new knowledge and skills. She has a passion for learning and thrives in opportunities that allow her to be creative in taking a concept from theoretical to practical application, which is why she enjoys innovating new business models, strengthening business agility, and owning something from start to finish.

Kristen is a native Michigander, although she’s lived in other states and countries. She is an avid outdoorsperson and weekend warrior. When not in the office, she can be found biking or hiking in the woods with her Labradoodle, Wally. Kristen happily resides in Dexter, Michigan, with Wally and her husband, Eren. They enjoy making Turkish food and spending time with friends and family.

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