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My name is Kristen.

I'm a design leader who is passionate about the holistic customer experience, intentionally fostering organizational culture, and inspiring bottom-up innovation.

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Please note, I'm in the process of updating my portfolio daily while I apply for roles. I've made the kanban board public to track progress and set expectations. I appreciate your understanding and look forward to meeting you!

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Accessibility & mobile clean up Design & code AI project page to showcase learnings Move hosting to implement cost effective SSL solution
Measure & optimize sustainability impact of site Explore app set up and integration into portfolio to support Gen AI project research Create site information architecture
Add filter to testimonials page Design & code Chief of Staff page Updates to portfolio landing page v1
Design & Develop Blog page Complete AI product management course & add to LinkedIn Design & code testimonials page v1
Design & code Design Ops page v1
Design & code Design Process page v1
Update logo, jumbotron, and navigation bar
Design & code portfolio project pages and design process v1
Update resume and about pages
Complete Prompt Engineering specialization & add to LinkedIn